Speaking to all residents of Monroe is an important aspect of my campign and will continue to be important if I'm elected!
Animal Lover
As an owner of rescue dogs and caretaker of several feral neighborhood cats, it is important to me to revisit animal welfare codes and work to update them so we can all provide better care for those that depend on us!
Quality of Life
Each resident of Monroe deserves to live in a space that provides comfort and a safe place to enjoy family, friends and pets
Achieving Dreams
Bob Yanacsek with his childhood hero and NASA Flight Director during the Gemini & Apollo programs.
Pursuing Happiness
I envision a community that offers a variety of opportunities for all members to pursue happiness and develop interests and hobbies.
Community Service
It is important to give back to the community in which we live. Bob has been selflessly serving his community for 25 years. Sometimes he takes a friend!
Bob is a member of the International Council of Airshows. He is the co-founder of the Warbirds Over Monroe Airshow, which the City now presents.
Downtown Monroe
Bob cares deeply for both the history and future of Monroe. He believes if we don't care for her heart, the rest won't thrive.
Look to the Future
As a community we must all look to the future of Monroe, while preserving her unique and vibrant past.
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