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For too long, the voices of the majority of Monroe residents have been ignored. Small-town politics have prevailed and policies have benefited the few, instead of the many.

With developments consisting of roughly over 7000 new homes having been approved since 2019, Monroe needs to make quick decisions.  The impact of this kind of growth will affect every citizen of Monroe and we must be smart in considering any additional growth.  We can grow yet preserve our small-town vibe with thoughtful and intelligent planning. 


Monroe also suffers from transparency problem.  The tools exist to make the governance process accessible to all, but the current problem is a willingness to do so.  On day one, if I'm elected, I will work hard to use available technology in ways that make it easy to know what your elected officials are deciding for your city.

The future of Monroe holds many challenges and I'd like to represent all of Monroe, regardless of political affiliation or economic standing through this process.


Robert "Bob" Yanacsek has lived in Union County since 1978.  He attended Marshville Elementary, East Union Middle School and Forest Hills.  He graduated from Wingate College in 1992 with a Bachelors of Science Degree. Bob has served on the Charlotte Police Force since 1992 and is an active member of the Monroe community.


Robert "Bob" Yanacsek is the co-founder of Warriors & Warbirds Museum and Airshow, located at the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport, which evolved in the Warbirds Over Monroe Airshow, the largest warbird airshow in the Carolinas.

Robert "Bob" Yanacsek has, during his 7+ years as a resident of downtown Monroe and through repeated appearances at City Council meetings, pushed the council to enforce codes regarding residential and rental property issues that resulted in a cleaner appearance for Monroe neighborhoods.  

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